1. How often do KITE magazines comes out?

We print every month, month and ½

2. When you place an order, how long does it take before you mail the order out?

The order goes out immediately, then takes 3-4 days to reach its destination.

3. How many issues do you get as a subscriber?

Six issues. You can choose any 6 that is available on the site or start from the newest issue.

4. Can I order back issues?

The website is updated with all the available issues. If it’s not available, then it is sold out at the moment.

5. Why do I have to pay for tracking?

To prove it was shipped and delivered to the prison or facility.

6. What delivery option do you guys use?

We only use USPS (United States Postal Service)

7. How do I give a shout out in the magazine?

Email pics of you and the individual you wish to shout out, separate or together to kitemagazineculture@gmail.com Please no prison photos, hand signs or “gang affiliated apparel”.